Q:如何購買香港公司報告?各種報告的區別?为何付款之后一直没有收到我所要的资料?How to buy Hong Kong company report? The difference between various reports? Why haven’t I received the company report after three days of payment?返回-back


A: You can enter the Hong Kong company name you want to query in the search bar on the left (support fuzzy search), click search to browse the list of Hong Kong company names, click the buy button to enter the short version, detailed version, and credit version of the report purchase page. We display the text description of the three report contents, and provide picture samples and PDF samples of related reports for your browse. If you have not received the company report provided by our company, you can check whether your reserved mailbox is the correct mailbox. Secondly, check the trash box of the mailbox. The information we send to you may be blocked by your mailbox. We recommend you set our official email report@18dao.net as a whitelist to prevent the above situation.