Q:我已經在“優惠套餐”裡面購買了公司報告年卡,該如何看剩餘使用次數?如何使用?可以用年卡選購信用報告嗎? I have already purchased the company report annual card in the "Discount". How do I check the remaining usage times? how to use it? Could I use it to purchase credit reports?返回-back


A: After you purchase the annual card, our administrator will review it (within one working day). After the review is successful, you can click on "My Orders" and select the "My Discount Package" tab, you can see the remaining number of uses of your annual card and its expiration time. When you want to use the annual card to purchase the company report, you can select the company according to the normal process. When confirming the order, you can select the "Annual Card" method and confirm the payment. We have not yet launched an annual credit report card. If you have this requirement, please contact us through the official email.