Payment Method
This site provides the following five payment methods:

Ⅰ.(Recommended For Mainland China Customers):
Alipay, WeChat or contact our official service email for help.

Ⅱ.Recommended For Non-Mainland China Customers:
Payoneer: (Click to register an account)
*(Recommended to use, order confirmation within 1 working day of payment)

Paypal: (Click to register an account)

*(Manual review is required for 2 working days)

Ⅲ.For International Remittance to China Mainland Account:



Bank Information:Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Wuhan Branch

Ⅳ.Payment Related Questions:
1. If you are unable to pay online, you can transfer the money to any of the above accounts after placing the order and send a screenshot of the payment record, order number, payment account number (and email) to our customer service E-email address: Within 1 working day (Paypal within 3 working days), after the staff checks the payment, they will confirm the order manually for you, and reply to the order confirmation email, then the report will enter the status of “in process”.

2. If you have a payoneer account in mainland China and have trade income other than RMB in your account, you can also use that account to make payments to our payoneer account.

3. If you are a mainland China customer, you have just registered a payoneer account, and the account does not have foreign currency trade income, at present payoneer does not support the use of China credit cards to transfer money to our payoneer account, you can use Alipay or WeChat account to pay for us.

4. Please note that the price marked on our platform is the actual amount received. If you choose a credit card as the payment method when transferring money to us through Payoneer, there will be a 3% fee. After you receive the payment request from [Wuhan Jinjie Electronic Information Co., Ltd], and click "Pay", please choose the payer to bear the service fee, so as to avoid the amount to be paid does not match the price of our products, resulting in the delay of your order.

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